Sunday, July 21, 2013

QOTD: Gems from Ben

In the past few days, Ben has really given us a few doozies! The things out that kid's mouth are hilarious!!!

The other day at dinner, we were talking about who is in our family. Ben & Hannah understand that Gaga is my mom and Grandad is my dad. I asked Ben who my brother was. He thought, then I decided to give him a hint:

Me: "He's big and has a beard....?"
Ben: "Santa Claus!!!"

No, Ben, your uncle is not Santa Claus.


Last night we had Teriyaki Chicken for supper. Lately, the kids, Ben especially, have been asking when they sit down "What we havin?" Last night was no exception. 

Ben: "What we havin?"
Aaron: "Teriyaki Chicken!"
Ben, very concerned: "What is Very Yucky Chicken???"

Oh, that kid!

We've also begun the "why?" stage of childhood. Joy! :)