Monday, April 30, 2012

Momma's Bucket List

For the most part, this has nothing to do with B&H, but I've been thinking about a Bucket List for myself for some time now, and I need a place to corral all my ideas. Since I am the WORST journal-er ever (another one from this January sits nearly empty...), I've decided to start my ideas here.

So, here goes.

1. Run a marathon.
2. Go to Europe.
3. Learn how to French braid.
4. Try a short-hair do.
5. Be on a game show.
6. Buy a lake cabin.
7. Learn how to make home-made pasta sauce.
8. Pay off my student loans. :(
9. Visit all MLB stadiums (if not go to a game in each one, then tour them).
10. Learn how to play the piano - and have B&H learn, too.

Those are my first 10. I am sure I will think of more. What is on your bucket list?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My life as Momma … in 6 words.

I recently saw on one of the parenting blogs I read the challenge to write your life as a mom in 6 words. It's surely based on the Six-Word Memoir, which is fun to read through! Some people are so creative with just six little words.

Well, being the over achiever I am, I have to write more than one. How can I describe nearly 17 months of ups and downs in just 6 words? (This from the lady who, in college, used to decrease the font on papers to 11 or 10 and change the spacing to 1.5 instead of double spacing so my papers didn't appear "too long").

Here are my favorites:
This face made my heart melt.

Twenty little fingers; twenty little toes.

 Why won't they go to sleep?
But it is a good tired. 

Remember the 12 poopy diaper day?

 Hugs and kisses every single day.
They mean the world to me. 
Luckier than I could ever dream.

 Ben is still bald on top.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bubble Exploration

Bathtime is easily Ben's favorite time of day. We can't get that kid out of the water!! We don't often put bubbles in the bath (it was drying out their skin in the wintertime), but when we do, they are SO excited. Tonight, Ben needed to do some Bubble Exploration.
First this....
Then that.
It must not have tasted too bad because he did it again and again. Bubbles are non-toxic, right?

Then, out of nowhere, he started telling me all about it:

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I made spaghetti for dinner the other night. It was a big hit!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


What a difference a year makes!

Here are B&H at Easter in 2011. They were 4 months old. Notice how excited they were about their Easter baskets. Ha.
Here they are at Easter in 2012. We couldn't even get a decent picture of them! Not that they really understood that the Easter Bunny brought them these new toys, books & sippy cups, but they sure thought they were cool!
Checking out their own goodies
Yes!!! A MN Twins Sippy Cup!
Hey, what's he got?
Ooh, I like that!

Easter this year was great! We had a birthday party for the babies' cousins the day before, so we got to see all the family there. The best part was their BFC (Best Friend Cousin) who is just 2 months older alternating bear hugs to Ben and Hannah. So. Cute.

Sunday itself was a busy day - we aimed to be at church for the 9:00 service. I don't usually make it *anywhere* by 9 a.m. and church is a good 20-25 minute drive away! But we did it, all dressed up and ready to go! We also took the babies into church, something we haven't done since they were about 8 months old. (They usually go to the nursery). We found a great spot to sit in the back and were prepared with toys, crackers, water bottles, etc. They did so super! So proud of them.

 After church we came home for a short Egg Hunt with Grand-Dad and Aunt Dee. B&H were more interested in just walking up and down the sidewalk, though. :) Then a delicious brunch and they went down for a much-needed nap. But not before scarfing down some marshmallows! (I wish I would have taken a picture of that - after the first bite, both B&H got bug-eyed and signed "more more more." Perhaps they've inherited my sweet tooth...)
Found the Bunny!
Hunting with Dee
Found some!

Overall, it was a great day!

A good family shot. It's an Easter miracle!
No, not pointing to Easter eggs...
pointing to the puppy she hears barking.
Best picture of the day: daddy & daughter Easter stroll

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet Sixteen (Months)

Oh heavens. I know you think I sound like a broken record, but 16 months ALREADY??! Time is going TOO fast. Slow down; the toddlers are growing out of control!

This month brought lots of adventures - Minnesota Zoo, Minnesota Children's Museum, the park almost every day and playing in our own backyard. We even have taken to letting them walk up and down the block after dinner as opposed to us pushing/pulling them in the stroller or wagon. The way I figure - the more energy they expel, the better they'll sleep, right?

Haha. Ben walks just like the
Grizzy Bear at the Minnesota Zoo!

Hannah crawls in the Bee Hive at the Minnesota Zoo
Water tables at the Children's Museum: Ben's favorite place to be.
Stopping for a snack. (About the only photo of them together I have in months!)

We also got struck with sickness! At the end of March Hannie came down with a bronchial infection and passed it along to Benjo where it showed up as an ear infection (his 2nd in 3 weeks). A round of super-strong antibiotics for both - and Hannie is fine. Ben still has a touch of infection. We're going to try a different route to combat it (using nasal spray and Claritin to clear up his stuffy, runny nose so it stops draining into his ears). If in 2 weeks things don't look better, we'll start talking ear tubes (this latest ear infection was Ben's 5th in 12 months or so). Boo!
Sometimes when you're sick, you need to put your Lovey on your head!
 Ben & Hannah each added some new words this month, too! Ben can say car (comes out like "gaaah" like he's from Boston!), truck ("uck"), "moo" and "ech ech ech" (which is code for bark bark bark). He's also getting better at his "quack" and every now and then will blow raspberries for a horsie sound. Hannah says hi, "ech ech ech" and more (or maybe milk? it comes out "meh"). She's also really into saying "Mommeeeeeeeeee" and "Daddeeeeeeeeeee." Both are babbling like crazy - especially to each other. I wonder if they're creating their own language....?

Also more and more prominent this past month: tantrums and meltdowns. Sometimes I induce them (if I take something away or don't let them do what they want - like walk out into the street). Sometimes they induce them in each other (if they take each others' toys/books). And sometimes, I'm not sure how, they induce them on themselves. Crazy kids!

In a matter of seconds, we go from happy storytime..
To taking Sister's book...
To crying little girl!

Most fun this month, though, is we are really starting to see their individual personalities. Hannah can be a bit sassy, but is so content playing by herself with her babydolls (she's a good mommy!), blocks, or buckles. She's also a HUGE fan of the sand!

Ben is a bit more sensitive - he gets frustrated easily and needs lots of hugs of reassurance. He also has a *bit* of separation anxiety when I drop him off at the daycare at the Y or at church. It only lasts for a few seconds (maybe up to 1 minute) and then he's fine - until I come back! Then he cries like he just realized I was gone! He continues to be SUPER silly, very giggly, and more of a daredevil than Hannah. He's starting to climb on things like his new "bike" (on and off and on and off and on and off.... all afternoon!) and is in constant motion!

Together, though, their personalities and secrety language collide and they can cause TROUBLE! The other day it was super quiet while I cleaned the kitchen. I walked into their bedroom to find this:

Those are my two at 16 months! Love them more and more every day - even on the days when they push my buttons and I can't wait for naptime! :)