Thursday, April 26, 2012

My life as Momma … in 6 words.

I recently saw on one of the parenting blogs I read the challenge to write your life as a mom in 6 words. It's surely based on the Six-Word Memoir, which is fun to read through! Some people are so creative with just six little words.

Well, being the over achiever I am, I have to write more than one. How can I describe nearly 17 months of ups and downs in just 6 words? (This from the lady who, in college, used to decrease the font on papers to 11 or 10 and change the spacing to 1.5 instead of double spacing so my papers didn't appear "too long").

Here are my favorites:
This face made my heart melt.

Twenty little fingers; twenty little toes.

 Why won't they go to sleep?
But it is a good tired. 

Remember the 12 poopy diaper day?

 Hugs and kisses every single day.
They mean the world to me. 
Luckier than I could ever dream.

 Ben is still bald on top.


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