Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh what fun!

Babies' second Christmas went off without a hitch! We didn't travel anywhere for Christmas, and it did feel a little weird to celebrate mostly by ourselves (Grand-dad did go with us to church, but then went over to Uncle Randy's house for dinner). Sad that we didn't spend the holiday with any grandparents, but SO EXCITING to start our new traditions for us 4!

The day started with Gingerbread Pancakes for breakfast. YUMMMM!

Christmas Eve evening we went to church, a first for Aaron and me. I love our church and I loved the candlelight service - just being home for THAT is reason enough for me to stay home for Christmas. The babies didn't join us for the service, though. They are far to wiggly to sit through a church service, so they entertained everyone in the nursery. Maybe next year they can be part of the magic of Christmas Eve service!

After church, we came home and put out cookies for Santa, and then the babies hit the hay. It was a long day and we were all excited for Santa to come!! Aaron and I indulged in what will now be our traditional Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice soup. Mmmmm.

Christmas morn came early (especially with 2 midnight wakings from Hannah...). We had planned monkey bread for breakfast, but knew the babies would need a snack. So they got Cheerios and milk while I prepared the monkey bread. In the oven the bread went and then we got to open our presents!! Such fun.

After a morning nap and some delicious pot roast for lunch, we went to visit with Uncle Randy and his family (and Grand-dad was there) for another Christmas. More presents, playing and fun!!

What a wonderful day. We are having trouble getting back on our regular schedule now...... surely traveling to Kansas this week for ANOTHER Christmas won't help. Oh well. Sleep is overrated, right? :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

(Another) New Blog

I often complain about not having time to do things.... laundry gets piled up, refrigerator is rarely cleaned out, windows have never been washed in this house.

So, why, then should I start yet another blog?

Well, because along with the laundry piling up and the fridge stinking up, I also have two nearly empty baby books. Waaah wah. And recently we have reached some great milestones, so I'm resigning myself to not doing them and dedicating myself to this new blog, named for my nicknames for the babies .

What happens to the site, you ask? I'll leave it up, but I probably won't post there anymore. It's so cumbersome! I can only post from there on my computer, whereas using blogger I can post anywhere!!!

So, here's to beginning a record of your 2nd year, B&H! Enjoy!

Unguarded Kleenex. Whoops.