Friday, December 23, 2011

(Another) New Blog

I often complain about not having time to do things.... laundry gets piled up, refrigerator is rarely cleaned out, windows have never been washed in this house.

So, why, then should I start yet another blog?

Well, because along with the laundry piling up and the fridge stinking up, I also have two nearly empty baby books. Waaah wah. And recently we have reached some great milestones, so I'm resigning myself to not doing them and dedicating myself to this new blog, named for my nicknames for the babies .

What happens to the site, you ask? I'll leave it up, but I probably won't post there anymore. It's so cumbersome! I can only post from there on my computer, whereas using blogger I can post anywhere!!!

So, here's to beginning a record of your 2nd year, B&H! Enjoy!

Unguarded Kleenex. Whoops.

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