Tuesday, August 7, 2012

20 words for 20 months

Today B&H are 20 months old, or as Aaron said "one and two-thirds" years old. I'm baffled by their rapid aging. Wasn't it just yesterday, not last year, that they looked like this??

At 8 months they'd stopped looking like newborns, but they were definitely not the toddlers they are today! They'd sit nicely for a photo and not wander off anywhere. Oh, I miss those days! Nowadays, I'm lucky if one kid is looking at the camera and the other one isn't wandering off. This is a recent trip to Choo Choo Bob's - these toddlers were BUSY BUSY for a good hour. My new favorite place.

So, in honor of their 20 month birthday, I've decided to tell you all about them in just 20 words. Those of you who really know me, know this is quite a feat!

BenLoves to laugh, super silly, always smiling. Strong language skills, loves books, new words every day. Gives momma good kisses.

Thoughtful and contemplative. Serious with a hint of silly. Dexterous and scientific, loves puzzles and building blocks. Definitely daddy’s girl!

The biggest *new* thing this month is they self-identify! Both will point to their chests if you ask "Where's Hannah?" or "Who is Ben?" (obviously Hannah self-identifies as Hannah or Hannie and Ben self-identifies as Ben). They also refer to themselves in the third person. If Hannah wants something she yells "Hannie! Hannie!" and Ben can point to his high chair and say "Ben." It's pretty cute. (And also: a big insight as to why Elmo is such a hit with the toddler crowd!)

Today, even, Hannah identified herself in photos (with a little help from me). These kids are too smart for their own good!!

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