Saturday, August 4, 2012

Grampa's House

Again, please excuse me as I continue to back-track and relive our recent week-plus-long cartrip. I feel the need to document it - so we can remember how much fun it was to see our relatives, but also so we remember NEVER EVER to go on the road that long ever again. (It was beyond wonderful to see so many of our relatives in just about a week, but being in the car for that long was pure torture; nothing against you family members! We will visit again, just not all in one fell-swoop like we did this year...)

After Manhattan, we once again (are you keeping track yet?) got in the car and headed somewhere new. This time we went to Grampa's (Aaron's dad's) house in Galva, Kansas for a few days.

The weather proved to be very Kansan (Kansas-y?) with temperatures over 100

So we had to find lots of cool things to do. Like playing AND watching trains.

 And splashing outside. Grampa didn't have a pool, but he did have this handy washing machine tray. A couple of inches of water proved to be the hit of the afternoon as we all needed to cool off from the heat & humidity. (And we were stir-crazy inside). Hannah liked to splash; Ben liked to put his feet in it and kick. FUN!

And playing with some vintage toys inside with the air conditioning cranked. Grampa dug out Daddy's and Uncle Jon's old Little People sets. They are much more fun than the contemporary ones, IMO, but maybe because I remember playing with similar toys. Grampa had a bus and a school and lots of people! I sort of wanted to bring these awesome vintage toys home to play with, but we left them in Kansas for future playing-with.
Vintage Little People (IMO, more fun the contemporary ones!)
Grampa also treated us to a few ice cream cones and a drive around McPherson (the "big" town just a few miles from his house where Daddy grew up).

The visit with Grampa was so wonderful! B&H felt totally at home at Grampa's house and made themselves comfortable sitting at his coffee table coloring, running circles through the kitchen/living room area, and watching the trains out his patio door - definitely the favorite past-time

A few days later and it was time to move on. And guess what? We didn't even get a photo on Momma's camera with Grampa! (We did on Grampa's camera, though, so maybe we can get a copy of it to add here.)

Can you remember where we went after Galva? I already wrote a post about it. Guess, then find out here.


  1. My parents have those older little people, and I agree they're so much better than the new ones!

  2. my parents also have those. love them.