Monday, July 30, 2012

The Little Apple

Riekenberg Cousins. LOVE.
I had full intentions to blog our trip as it happened. Little did I know I'd be so tired by the time they went to sleep that I didn't want to do anything but lie down! So, you'll have to excuse a bit of back-tracking and reminiscing of our 10-day road trip.

After Kansas City, but before Omaha, we had a few more stops to make. First, was a trip to Manhattan, Kansas, also known as the Little Apple. Kansas State University (where Aaron went to college) is located in Manhattan. But we weren't there for a college reunion. We were there to celebrate the wedding of Aaron's cousin Grace as she wed Erik!

Manhattan also happens to be the home of Aaron's brother's wife's (Anne) parents Bob & Elaine. Since Jon, Anne & Will were also traveling to Manhattan for Grace's wedding, Bob & Elaine so graciously opened their home to ALL of us to stay for a few days. We cannot thank them enough!! It was wonderful to have a warm, welcoming place to stay and beyond our expectations that Elaine watched the kids for us a few times so we adults could venture out kid-free. What a joy!! (We were trying to figure out a relation name of Bob & Elaine to us - parents-in-law-in-law? Or to B&H - grandparents-in-law? We just settled for "Will's Grammy & Papa"!)

We had a fun 2 days at Bob & Elaine's. B&H played with Will, ran through sprinklers, played with new toys, ate popsicles, and just had a great time. Thanks, Will's Grammy & Papa!

Will guiding Ben through the yard
Trying out Will's Trike. I think a similar model might
appear on the babies' 2nd birthday wishlist!

The wedding was on Saturday and Jon, Anne, Aaron & I enjoyed a nice outing without the kid to attend the wedding. It was a wonderful ceremony and Grace made a beautiful bride - even in the 106 degree heat!! (Thank God for a/c in the church!!!)
After the ceremony, we went back to Bob & Elaine's house to get the kids and head to the reception, held at the K-State Alumni Center. Cake, punch, room to run, and more family time. What more could two toddlers and a preschooler want??? Thankfully, we did secure a great spot at the reception in the back that allowed for this to happen:

Also, thankfully no one seemed to mind! Double thankfully: No one ran into the dessert table and knocked everything over!

I wish this photo turned out better, it was so CUTE! A group of Grace's friends were standing in a circle chit-chatting and Ben walked right in the middle and started flirting with them. What a ladies' man!!

Sunday, the day after the wedding, we got up and headed on the road again - this time to Grampa's house in Galva, Kansas. We were sad to bid farewell to Will, Anne & Jon. It just wasn't enough cousin time!! B&H also gave big hugs to Bob & Elaine to thank them for welcoming us to their home.
Two Musketeers.... Three Musketeers
 Thank you to Anne for taking such great photos AND letting me steal them for my blog! ;)

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  1. Great post! Thanks for the little video that captured their goofiness at the reception. :)