Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Friday Phone Dump

At first I thought "I didn't take many photos this week!" But then I watched my computer load up 65 of them since last Saturday. Guess I did go a bit overboard.... Don't worry, I whittled it down to an easy 10 for you!

Watching the sleepy bears at the Zoo.

New train set!

Ben dropped Dobby (his froggy) while on our walk one night.
I made him go back and get it - maybe 3 houses down. He
looked like such a big boy walking away from me by himself! 
Rockin' the Baby Mullet! 
Who needs toys when you have chairs to climb on?

This is her "I'M SO HUNGRY!" face.

Sissy & Bubboh Love!

Chubby Arms + Holding Hands = Momma's Melting Heart

Rubbing Daddy's head at Marketfest

Toddler snack time with our friend Mary (Mimi or May-me, as B&H say)

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