Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Fun in Stillwater

A few of my friends have recently posted photos on Facebook of their toddlers playing at the awesome Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater. Said toddlers appeared to be having a blast, so I knew we had to check it out, which we did last Saturday. Since Stillwater is a good 45 minute drive for us, we knew we had to plan to leave early and stay through lunch. We planned to play at the park, walk along the river, and eat lunch at Leo's, the cute little malt shop that we always (at least in the 4 or so times we've been to Stillwater, all before babies). What we didn't plan on was it being SO. DANG. HOT.

It was fun nonetheless and we left the park when it started to get wicked hot and found a nice "cool" spot under a tree for a snack. Can you tell this lady was hot and uncomfortable??

After our brief snack, we went exploring downtown for a bit. Of course, exploring with two toddlers means walking up and down the sidewalk - not a fun adventure when it is 95 degrees. Thankfully, one of the stores had "booms" outside the door. We walked by there about 5 times to look at them!

Finally, it got to be time for lunch and naturally, we were first in line for Leo's to open the door at 11:00. We sort of thought they should have let us in a little early, on account of it being like 95 degrees at 11 a.m., but they didn't.

Once we got in, Boy, oh Boy did we get some crabby kids! They were hot, hungry, and tired. Never a good combo for trying to eat at a restaurant. One of them was content coloring and sitting nicely in her booster seat (for the first time!). The other got downgraded to a highchair when he kept standing up in his booster seat. Stinker!

Before the crankiness began.
Overall it was a great day, even if it was close to 100 degrees. I mean, even if you're hot and sweaty, you get to look at these awesome views!
Looking across the river to Wisconsin

The Stillwater Lift Bridge - water up over the sidewalk.

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