Monday, July 16, 2012


As has been our custom for the non-below-zero months the babies have been alive, we set out on our nightly walk this evening - even though it was 96 degrees as we ate dinner. B&H were being particularly naughty (a new post about that new word in everyone's vocab coming soon!) and I could tell we were all miserable.

Somehow, I wrangled them home. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: talking a way with B&H is much like herding cats. Needless to say, by the time we got home, we were all hot and very cranky. A quick look at my phone proved it to only be 6:20. WAAAY too early to go inside for bath.

So, what's a momma to do? Turn on the sprinkler of course!!


Checking to make sure her 2 babies and Bunny were OK.

I love Hannie's face in this one! (And Ben's, too).

Splashing in the side effects.
I feel like I *almost* killed 3 birds with one stone. First, they ran off energy. Necessity! Second, our scorched lawn got a healthy drink. Third - if I hasn't let them splash in the mud puddles after, we could have gotten away without a bath! Note to self for the future!

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