Friday, February 8, 2013

Big Kid Quote of the Day

I've called the Babies "The Babies" (or "Baby" singular when talking to just one) for their entire lives. Like, "Good Morning, Baby!" or "Do you want more milk, Baby?" or "The Babies didn't take a good nap today." (an unfortunate truth from time to time).

It doesn't really fit anymore. I sort of realize that. They really realize that.

Today I was met w/ opposition from both of them. I said something like "Do you like your eggs, Baby?" Here are the responses I got:

Ben: "Not baby. I BEEG (big) boy."
Hannah: "Hannie big girl."

I guess it makes sense. I mean, look at these two. These are babies;

Or even these two *could* be babies.

These are def. not babies.


I'm begging for time to slow down! 

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