Monday, February 11, 2013

Thick as Thieves

One common question I'm asked when out and about with B&H is "What's it like to have twins?"

Usually, I don't have an answer. I mean, I don't know any different. I can't compare it to anything else and I can't imagine it any other way. This is my family, we do what we have to do. Such is the life of any family out there. I don't think it's any harder or more work or busier than any other family out there. I don't think of my hands being full. I don't wonder how I do it. I do consider myself lucky, though. (But more that B&H are my children, not necessarily that they are twins).

Well, this weekend it came to me an answer to "What's it like to have twins?"

It watching two people become life-long best friends from the very day they were born.

Even as infants, I could tell that B&H were drawn to each other.

Remember this:
And they have always had a playmate right there! It's so wonderful for us all that they can count on each other to join in the fun!

But recently, B&H have really "gotten" that they have a built-in best friend. We talk about how they are twins a LOT. And they understand that they are each others' twin. And we notice other twins around and they find like things at home (like 2 of the same Little People toys) and call them twins. So cute!

But above all - aside from being twins, they really are each others' best friend. They don't often go long without knowing where the other is. They don't often play in different rooms of the house. Even when they fight over toys or books, more times than not, they eventually settle down together with the item. It's amazing!

And lately, their language explosion has shown their connection. Just a few recent quotes about being twins and best friends. 

While heading downstairs with Hannah, Ben not far behind
Hannah: "C'Mon, Ben! Let's go downstairs together!"
As Hannah was at the store with Daddy
Ben: "I need my Hannie-B."
And of course, I can't forget their giggles, hugs, & "I love you"s! They really are thick as thieves!

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  1. Love all these photos! So great that they are so close!