Sunday, June 16, 2013

B&H at Two and a Half

Last week my "babies" turned 2-1/2. That means now they are closer to 3 than to 2. Holy cow! Where has the time gone????? I love that they are growing up, but some days my head spins so much form how fast time is passing that I get dizzy.

At 2-1/2 Ben and Hannah are storytellers. They're make-believers. They're friends (with each other and with other toddlers). They're singers. They're runners and dancers. They're helpers, when the mood strikes. They're big kids one moment, then babies the next.

A preview of our 2.5 year old photo session.
(c) Heather Hanson Photography
 Ben continues to be my cuddler. He loves to snuggle in at bedtime for stories. He also loves to be around other people. Definitely an extrovert here! He is busy, busy, busy. And, he is also super sensitive. He doesn't do well with change and likes his "regular" things.

That kid loves trains, cars, trucks, the mailman, airplanes, road construction, coloring, wearing pink socks, running, swinging, getting tickled, and ..... Cinderella! He has two little Cinderella dolls that he carries around almost every day. It's pretty cute, actually. In fact, today, Cinderella was driving the bulldozer as he played road construction. The best of 2 worlds collide!
Hannah is proving to be Miss Independent. Often Ben and I will be playing together and she will go off to the corner and play or read by herself. She's very introverted and independent. She can be bossy. And she can be sweet. She is a total daddy's girl and loves to cuddle with Aaron.

She loves her Nummy (still) and building with blocks and coloring and running. She has LONG LONG legs that help her run so fast. I see a future track star here! She likes to sing and dance and put on shows. For being such an introvert, she likes to be a star for people she knows.

They are growing up so fast. It excites me and breaks my heart at the same time. In the blink of an eye, they are 2-1/2. That means one more blink and they will be 5. I love every minute I am with them and try to soak it all in.... knowing it won't last forever.

I've had some new MOMs ask me lately if it gets easier. I wouldn't necessarily say at 2-1/2 our life is easy, but it is a different feel than when they were newborns, infants, or early toddlers. They do great things, like sleep through the night, feed themselves, play independently, make up songs, "read" their books & nursery rhymes, help each other, cuddle and love their parents - all great things that make life good. But then there's the tantrums, the mess, the fights, the struggles at nap and bedtime. Oh, the sleep struggles!!!

It's not easier. It's different. It's a busy life. By the time they {eventually} fall asleep at night, I'm so exhausted that I just collapse and rest up so I can do it all again tomorrow. I wouldn't change it for one minute, though.

I love you to pieces, B&H!!! Thank you for making my life just so awesome.

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