Wednesday, March 14, 2012


With temps in the mid-60s, we couldn't resist playing outside for a few minutes after lunch today! The babies thought their outside toys were awesome. I foresee a very busy (very tiring) summer ahead.

Ben's new fort - under the slide in the swing set.

Crusin' in our new Cozy Coupe!

Wheeeeee! Swings!

Push faster, Ben, FASTER!

Two things I learned today while playing outside:

1) I am really going to have to work them and train them how to get out together safely. The same goes for coming back in. Last year I'd take one outside and plop him or her on the grass, then come get the other one. That ain't gonna work this year!

2) We need 2 Cozy Coupes. So many tears over it today!

I'm looking forward to a fun summer outside with them. Maybe all that running around will just melt away the 20lbs I'm trying to lose.... :)

1 comment:

  1. Haha! YES YOU NEED TWO COZY COUPES! and good luck with the 20 lbs!