Thursday, March 8, 2012

One and a quarter years old

(also known as 15 months old!)

Aaron and I were talking about how old the babies are - he couldn't believe they were 15 months old already! He said, "That's a year and a quarter!" Neither of us can believe A) it's March already and B) it's been 3 months since their birthday. I'm quite certain that as fast as last year went, this year will go even faster!!!

Some new things the babies are doing:

Hannah can sign "all done" most of the time and "milk" some of the time. Ben doesn't really sign either of those. Both can sign "please" when they really really want something!

Hannah added a few more words. She can say "nee" (bunny) and "yeah." I'm also certain she was saying "girl" the other day while we were playing with little people, but she hasn't said it again since. Ben has added "gee gee" (froggy) and "dee tee" (kitty).

EVERY animal they see is a kitty. It makes people laugh.

Ben is finally up and walking so fast. He's gonna be hard to catch soon. He's funny, though, he doesn't really bend his legs too much when he walks. Silly boy.

They play peek-a-boo (also known as "where's ____?" now!

"Where's Hannah?"

"There's Ben!"
The best thing of all is they both follow simple directions. It makes my life so much easier! They can give me their suckies, walk to the kitchen, put the toys in the bucket (if they are so inclined to), find the _____, go find Daddy, walk to the bathroom, walk to their room. It makes it a lot easier to get them ready for lunch or nap or bath when then can just walk where they need to go!

We had their 15 month appointment today and OH.MY.GOSH is it getting hard to take 2 babies to the doctor. They cried and cried and cried. They didn't want their clothes taken off. They didn't want to get weighed. They wanted a tongue depressor to play with; then they didn't want it. And the shot. OY. Nothing breaks my heart more.

But here are some stats!

Height - 31.25" (75%)
Weight - 24 lbs 14 oz (79%)
Head - 18.75 inches (91% waah waaah)
Weight for length  ratio - 82%

Height -  32 " (76% - but I beg to differ because a month ago he was 33 inches. He was REALLLLLY mad getting measured today so I think he was bunchy).
Weight - 27 lbs 5 oz (83% holding steady from a month ago. Whew!)
Head - 19.5 inches (96% waaah waaaaah)
Weight for Length - 91%

Benjo also ended up with double ear infections. :( So doc put both babies on amoxocillin, Ben for ears and Hannah for a yellow boogery nose she's had for a month. Maybe they won't be so crabby if they feel better!!

Overall, life is good. I love my partners in crime, even on the days where they are crabby and I just want to drink more coffee. :)

A few photos for your enjoyment:

Crabby Girl
Happy Boy
New favorite (ultra annoying!) toy - shoot baskets!
A tornado ran through their room!
Rut row! Stuck under the end table.
Crazy hair! (with a pretty bow!)
Can you spot what's wrong here....?
Feeding themselves yogurt.
They don't let Momma do it much!
"Playing" with our new easel.
Why buy toys? Give the kid a bowl!


  1. I think in the one pic, they have the wrong p.j.'s on!!!! I'm sure they don't care!!!!

  2. Um, the walk Ben has? Totally Jon's walk. It must be a Riekenberg trait. Except I think Will takes after me in that department.