Thursday, March 15, 2012


So far behind on posts! We went to the zoo the first week of March and I'm just getting these photos up now. Whoops. I blame the toddlers. By the time they fall asleep, I'm so dead exhausted I can't do much else. No one told me it would get so hard!

"Petting" the penguin (through the glass)

Ben would have stared at the fish ALL.DAY.

The famous MNZOO Turtle!

Daddy & his monkeys watchin' some monkeys.

Face smooshed up as close as he could get.

Capt Awesome makes it through the tunnel

Hannie walked the entire Tropics Trail alone.
And then did it again.

Pretty fishies!
We splurged and used some Christmas/birthday money to get a membership to the zoo. I think it was a wise investment - I can foresee many a Sunday morning spent exploring there! But only until about 10:30/11:00. Then it gets TOO BUSY for us!

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  1. You are at the hard stage where they are fully mobile but not fully verbal or obedient to your instructions. I think it curves back a bit easier around 18 months. Personally, I thought 2 was great! 3 is getting tougher again, though it certainly has its upsides too. :)