Monday, October 22, 2012

Playroom Remake - Phase One

We live in a tiny house. Really. If you count the basement (mostly finished), we top out at about 1200 square feet. I guess that works out to 400 square feet per person who lives here, and certainly people live and thrive in that amount of space or smaller. But those people probably didn't have a toy kitchen, babydoll strollers, a dozen or so puzzles, some Matchbox cars and trains, and about 300 books (give or take) cluttering up their space.

So, when I finally lost all control of my living room:

I decided to to take it back. That meant I had to let go of my computer room/guest room/storage room. That room has served many different purposes since we moved in the house, but this will be the most useful, I think!

Today I completed Phase One. Whew!

 I had to clear all the junk out (mind you, there was lots, and it was a lot of junk. I'm a bit of a packrat), then move some new stuff in. I didn't set a budget, but I feel like I've kept it under reins pretty good. First, let's look. Then let's add.
North wall with a few cuties I found!

Southeast corner.

That's pretty much the whole room. From where I'm standing to take the above photo, there is a dresser that works OK in the room, but I plan to move to the basement sometime. 

Now, to add.
New rug (on clearance) from Target: $20.98
Curtain panes for 2 windows (from Ikea): $14.99 each
New-to-us toy refrigerator - $8.00  (Craigslist Find)
We already had the toy kitchen.
New-to-us bookshelf - $13.00  (Craigslist find)
Bookshelf - $13.00
Refrigerator - $8.00
(2) curtain panels - $29.98
Rug - $20.98
(4) red pillows - $19.96
Ikea Latt Table - $19.99
Total so far - $81.93

This is only phase one. I have big plans for the rest of the room - including some Expedit shelves! I also want to do some painting, not necessarily the walls (they are a very tame tan color, if I were to paint, I had ideas of Robin's Egg Blue, but that might be a bit garish).

Stay tuned for Phase Two and a new running total!

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  1. It looks great so far! I see you haven't taken down your race bibs. Do they stay? They do match the primary colors! :)