Sunday, October 7, 2012

Twenty-Two Things I Love

In honor of B&H's 22-month birthday the other day (yes, I'm running behind like usual...), I made a list of 22 Thing I Love About Being a Mom.

1. Newborn finger grasps.
2. Sweet first baby smiles.
3. Chubby baby legs.
4. Tickle monster.
5. Baby eyelashes.
6. The way a new box of Pampers smells (really!)
7. Picking out cute clothes for them to wear.
8. Giggles, giggles, giggles.
9. Scoring a really good deal on any of the following: diapers, babyfood, toys, shoes, clothes, outdoor equipment, pretty much anything!
10. Having supportive, wonderful moms as my new peer group.
11. Storytime, art class, ECFE, open gym.
12. Little tiny clothes fresh out of the dryer.
13. Cooking healthy meals for my family.
14. Holding hands.
15. First time sitting, first time rolling over, first crawling, first steps.
16. Kisses & hugs.
17. Words like "Lub Oo Momma."
18. Kissing owies to make them all better.
19. How toddlers run - so funny!
20. Toddler animal noises.
21. Sitting on the couch reading books.
22. When they sleep on their tummies with their butts up in the air.

I could go on. And on. There are so many things I love about being a mom and being able to experience life on a whole new level. I am very blessed that B&H are my two babes. I love them to PIECES!

Newborn, 10 months, 22 months
They continue to grow and change by the day lately. The say more words than I can count and can say full (4-word) sentences that actually make sense. Today they both said "Granddad go bye-bye (in) truck." I am continually impressed!

And they both can count, sort of. Ben says "One, Three, Two" and can tell you the next number if you stop counting between 1 and 10. Hannah thinks every amount more than 1 is 2. Like, if there are 5 blocks on the floor, she says "Two blocks!" Very cute.

We're really working on having them help pick up their toys, wipe the table, throw garbage away - any sort of "chore" that near-2-year-olds can handle. The toys are the big one. I'm so sick of picking up toys!!

On that note, we are turning the guest bedroom into a playroom. I hope to have a place where I can let them play, but then shut the door when they're done so I don't have to look at the messy toys! And reclaim my living room!! Oh, a Momma can dream! I'll post photos if/when I ever get the room done!

What would be on your list of things you love about being a mom?


  1. I love your list! I can't believe how old our kids are getting. Marla does the same thing as Hannah... if it's more than one, it's always two. :) I'm very jealous of your new play room. Someday we'll find a house and have actual space to spread out the toys. Someday...

  2. what a lovely positive post. I'm pinning this to the Sunday Parenting Party Pinterest board and featuring it on Taming the Goblin SPP this week

  3. This is such a beautiful post. We hear so much about what is difficult and stressful about parenting and not enough about appreciating the little things and how much joy parenting brings. I'm featuring this post on my blog today as one of my favorites from last week's Sunday Parenting Party. Thank you so much for linking up.