Sunday, January 15, 2012

The language barrier

We appear to have reached a frustrating (for Momma & babies) stage of babyhood: the "I-Know-What-I-Want-But-I-Don't-Have-The-Words-To-Tell-You" Stage. It's driving me crazy. Times two.

Here's a look at a typical 2 minutes of our mornings lately:

Scene: Living Room, on a cold January day. Babies & Momma have been stuck inside the house for 4 days waiting for Ben's fever to pass. About an hour before naptime.
Hannah reaches for a book. She begins to "read."
Ben quickly scampers over, takes the book and turns his back.
She grabs his hands, wrangles the book away, and turns *her* back.
Momma intervenes: "Ben, Hannah had that book first. Let's give it back to her and you can read this one." She takes the book out of his hands and gives it to Hannah and hands him a nearly-identical book.
Ben: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! EEEEEEEEEE!" Begins to pound head on hardwood floor.
Momma picks up babies, puts them in their cribs and retreats to kitchen for another cup of coffee. 
End scene.

And that's just 2 minutes of our day.

I am teaching them some sign language, however basic it becomes for them. Ben excels at it. He can sign "more" and "drink." We're working on "all done." Hannah doesn't show much interest in it. She prefers to scream bloody murder. 

We're using this chart as reference:
 You'll notice there's no baby sign for "Leave me alone and give me back my toy!!"

I'm reassured that this stage of limited communication is short-lived and happens for all babies, no matter if they are singletons or multiples. But something in me things babies who are multiples have a more frustrating time with this than singles. After all, singles who want a book can go to their shelf, box, bin whatever,  get it, look at it, leave it on the floor and come back for it a few minutes later. Multiples leave a toy or book laying around and their twin comes and snatches it away. Bummer.

Just so you don't think I've had the most rotten week and the babies haven't had any fun, here's a look at the cuties snuggling with Cookie, the stuffed bear my dad gave me when I was born. You'll notice they both love Cookie, which I'm sure will lead to some screaming fits later on. Sigh.

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  1. I love this, especially the part where you retreat for another cup of coffee. :)