Sunday, January 1, 2012

Babies' First Resolutions

Happy New Year!

We live a wild and crazy life over here. We spent babies' second NYE at church. After we got home, they got baths, bottles, and hit the hay. Momma and Daddy indulged in appetizers for supper and fell asleep before 10:00.

However, Hannah, never wanting to miss out, woke up crying at 11:55, so we got to ring in the new year together. I can't think of anyone else who would be better to kiss at midnight! Thankfully, she slept through the rest of the night. Whew!

They spent the day thinking about their first New Year's Resolutions. I can't totally understand their babbles, but I think this is what they were telling me they wanted to accomplish this year:

Hannah - "I want to learn to walk and then run so I can steal all Ben's toys and run away from him!"
Ben - "I want to learn how to peel my own bananas so I can eat them ALL!"

As far as me, I have a few goals for in mind for 2012. First, I need to get this family on a budget. I'm embarrassed to say that we really have no idea how much money we're spending. So, our first step: signing up for to track our expenses for a few months, then see where we can cut back to either save more or funnel more to our mortgage.

I'd also really like to organize this house - paperwork, closets, attic, etc. However, if you know me, you know that is quite the undertaking. I hope to elicit help from my friend Andrea.

I am also going to try menu planning - a week or two in advance with the goal of a month at a time to be my routine by the end of the year. Seems more nights than not I'm scrambling to get something cooked for dinner; would be nice to know ahead of time and not stress about it.

Lastly, this goal is a fun one: I want to crochet a blanket. I've made quite a few dishcloths now... time to move on to a bigger project. I just hope I don't get burnt out. Good thing I have a year to work on it!

Who will make their goals? What are yours???

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