Friday, January 6, 2012

Lucky 13

The babies hit the big 1-3 month old mark yesterday. I can't believe it! It was only one year ago they looked like this:
Jan. 5, 2011 - one month old
It seems like the month between 12 months and 13 months old was a big one for us! The babies are sure "talking" a lot more. They do say a few words, but they do a lot of babbling. They "talk" to each other, to me, to the toys. It sounds like they are having conversations, just with words I don't understand. It's very cute. Most of the time, it sounds like Hannah is bossing Ben around. I guess he might as well get used to it.

There are lots of other new things B&H like to do now, too!

Like dance:

And "talk on the phone":

And read books:

And put toys away:

 And throw mini fits:

And make each other laugh:

And most exciting..... WALK! Yes, Miss Hannie can take quite a few steps now. Atta girl:

Ben better get going soon, or she's going to leave him in the dust. :)

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  1. Look at her go! She looks soooo proud of herself, too! And Ben's all impressed. :) She's gotten great at walking in just the past week!