Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Hardest Part of Parenting

No, not the sleepless nights.

Or the crying babies.

Or the shifting of priorities.

The hardest part of parenting (for me) is figuring how much sleep the babies need and when they need to get it. It's a constant question in my mind!

Since switching to 1 nap a few weeks ago, the babies have been getting better and better at sleeping long stretches during the day. At first they woke up after 2 hours like their normal nap during the 2-nap days. Then it got to be 2.5 hours, then 3, then 3.5. Today we're running on 4 hours. I've eaten lunch, watched TV, cleaned the kitchen, run down the battery on the computer, and taken out the trash. This blog post is really just a way to pass some time.

The question in my mind is always: "Should I wake them?"

Part of me thinks if they are sleeping, they must be tired and so I should let them go. But, if they sleep too much during the day, are they not going to be tired at night?

Oh, the struggles I go through!

For those curious, B&H start betime routine at 6:45, get lights out at 7:15, and are usually sleeping soundly by 7:30. They have been sleeping until 7:30 most mornings.

So, 12 hours at night + 4 hours of napping = 16 hours of sleep? WebMD says average is 14 hours a day. But are they above average sleepers? I guess. I mean average sleep needed for adults is what - 7 hours? I need 9 hours to function. 10 hours is ideal.

Who would have guessed? A mom worried her toddlers are sleeping too much. I'm not bragging, I promise! I feel for you other moms whose kids don't sleep much. When do you blog, Facebook and pin on Pinterest??


  1. I guess I look at it as before you know it, they won't be napping at all. Enjoy your quiet time. They must take after Great Grandpa Cal, who, forever was taking naps and still going to bed before any of us and sometimes one of the last to be up in the a.m.!!!! Unlike, Great Grandma "Dorkey" who never slept. Or Papa, who is restless...........

  2. As long as they're still sleeping at night and taking naps easily, it isn't a problem. If their sleep is getting disrupted, then you make adjustments. We were laughing in ECFE this week about how sleep used to be the one thing we all wanted to talk about. Now it is tantrums and guiding behavior...