Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tiny Bubbles ... Giant Tantrums

I think the sweet phase of babyhood is ending and the emotional phase of toddlerhood has arrived. You'll remember the language incident from about a month ago. Well, that was nothin'. Now we are on full-bore tantrums. Times two. It's quite fun. Really......

Anyway, the most recent episode stemmed from a bunch of bubbles. B&H LOVE LOVE LOVE bubbles. I blame the YMCA for this. Whenever I go pick them up from KidKare, they are always playing with bubbles. If not for the Y, we wouldn't know what bubbles are, and we wouldn't have had such a fun evening recently:

Pre-meltdown... happy babies

"Waaah! Ben took my bubbles!"

"I want my bubbles!"

"Give me back my bubbles!!"

"I like these bubbles."

"What's the problem?"

 I know I should not laugh when there's a meltdown, nor should I take pictures, but golly, sometimes it's just TOO funny not to.

So far the only solution to this bubble drama is to buy more bubbles. And never, ever get out only one package at a time. :)

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