Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Sweeping, Fred Smoot, Some Duct Tape and the Girl Who Wouldn't Sleep

It's become an annual rite of summer. We pack up the car to the gills & head to SoDak to see relatives. (Though, I might say, I'm either getting better at packing or we are requiring less stuff to go. We could actually see out the back window this time around!) In some ways, traveling with toddlers is easier than with babies. They don't need formula, bottles, Bumpo seats, strollers, etc. They don't wake up at night. They take only 1 nap a day. BUT - they don't sleep the entire way on the car. They are wiggly. They are getting too big for Pack and Plays. So, I guess it's not easier. Perhaps it's just different.

And so we spent Memorial Day 2012 in SoDak. We traveled that weekend to attend my cousin Katie's high school graduation (more on that in a different post), but it worked out well to visit all the SoDak family! We started with a trip to Papa & Gaga's house.

When we arrived on Thursday, B&H hadn't slept much in the car on the way and were antsy. They snacked, then ran around Papa & Gaga's house. We went outside for a bit to play. Who knew brooms would be such a hit with these two?
Sweeping Gaga off her feet.

The beginning of a meltdown...

No nap = cranky Hannie.

This kid could sweep all day long.
It was chilly (and, of course, WINDY) in SoDak, so we didn't stay outside too long (Um, someone's Momma didn't pack warm enough clothes for them to be outside.... guess she thought it was summertime or something!)

The biggest hit inside was a small plumber statue my parents have by the front door. They call him Fred Smoot and Ben LOVED him. I think he thought Fred was another toddler to play with. Wherever the fascination was coming from, Ben wouldn't leave Fred alone! He loved pointing out Fred's facial features.

And of course, Ben is a lover so he had to give Fred some kisses.

Hannah wasn't too impressed with Fred, but she did love to climb in and out of the little rocking chair in the living room. So proud of herself!

Now, recall from my intro to this post that A) they didn't sleep in the car and B) they are a bit too big for pack and plays now. Those two things combined with a strange bedroom that wasn't quite dark enough resulted in this:
Trying to be comforted by Gaga
(after crying/screaming for 30 minutes)

Not havin' it.

Not even Daddy has the magic touch.

She did eventually go to sleep, but not without a fight. Sigh.

And Ben, silly Ben. He went right to sleep even though this happened to him:
Broken zipper on the only sleep sack =
duct tape solution!
We woke up the next day and went to the zoo and had a lovely day, complete with good naps and babies who fell right to sleep. Hooray!!

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