Saturday, May 5, 2012

When I was Seventeen (months)...

It was a very good month!

Today is Cinco de Mayo! It's also the babies' 17-month birthday! Ole!

This has been a busy month.  So busy in fact that I can't remember what happened and had to look back at my Facebook at status to remember. Thus, to make it easy on myself, I have decided to write this post in Facebook statuses. Enjoy!

4/5 - New words in this house this week: car, truck, moo & "ech ech ech" (barking) for Ben; hi (finally!), meh (either more or milk, I can't tell) & "ech ech ech." And, yes, this post is serving as my official documentation of these words.

4/9 -  Signed B&H up for swimming lessons at the Y. They will be Sea Turtles as of April 28!

4/11 - Perhaps the 4:00-4:30 timeframe was not the optimal one to try the two-cart-push-pull for the first time at Trader Joe's. Never have I received so many dirty looks from other shoppers. Jerks!

4/12 - Seriously. Toddler playgrounds need to be fenced in w/ a gate. I almost lost someone today!

4/15 - Did not turn on the baby monitor last night for the first time ever. Babies were fine all night. And guess what? I slept more soundly than I have in more than a year!

4/17 - We saw ducks, geese, a woodpecker, a heron, and an eagle on a walk w/ friends this afternoon. Awesome! 

4/19 - Somehow I once again managed to turn on the clock radio alarm in the babies' room. Hope they didn't mind being awoken to Pink at 7:05 a.m.

4/19 - Rainy Day + Playdate with the Meyer gals = VERY MESSY HOUSE. But in a good, played-themselves-silly sort of way.  

4/20 - Preparing the house for my weekend departure. Sloppy Joes cookin', sheets washin', babies cuddlin'. How can Momma feel so excited to go away, yet so sad and nervous at the same time??

4/21 - Both of my kids just said "hiiiiiii" to me on the phone. Love them!

4/22 - I have fun & supportive friends, a wonderful & helpful husband, and the best & cutest 16-month-olds in the world!

4/23 - Thank goodness. Hannie eats puree pouches again! Life (er, snacktime) just got just a *tad* easier.

4/25 - Few things are certain w/ toddlers. But I'm learning that Spaghetti Night always becomes Bath Night.

4/28 - B&H love love love their swimming class! And - they already got promoted to the next level. Prodigies.

4/30 - Taking a walk with B&H is like herding cats.

5/2 - Momma's intuition at work tonight. Took Ben to Urgent Care. Came home with diagnoses for pink eye and double ear infections. UGH.

5/3 - Since it's stormy outside and we're quarantined inside, I'm giving the toddlers an AWESOME day at home. First we opened up the bubble machine, which proved to be a great hit (until we ran out of bubbles...). Now we're enjoying an episode of Sesame Street. Later they'll get a mega-bubble bath and maybe we'll make some cookies together. Pretty perfect day!

5/5 - Thanks to the high fever the little lady is running, we've all been up since 5:45. So the non-feverish of the family are going to enjoy some pancakes!

So, to explain in a nutshell - we spent a lot of time outside this month, they started speaking more and more, it was Easter, we slept great, I went out of town alone for the first time (to my Moms of Multiples convention), they like to swim, they like to walk, it rained a lot, and now at their 17-month birthday, they both are sick. Boo!

 And what would a post be without photos. First, let's do a comparison between May 2011 and May 2012. 

May 2011 (5 months)

May 2012 (17 months)
You'll notice that Ben's still sportin' about the same 'do... just longer in the back. Poor kid. 

A few more looks at this past month. It was good one! 
We had our first bloody nose.

Hannah LOVED Chipotle!

We went to Storytime with some friends

It's fun to smoosh your face up on the glass!

VERY nearly running! (Yikes!)


Hannah loves playing in the sand, even
if her serious face doesn't show it.

And I'm sad I don't have a photo of the most highlight of the month! I taught them how to hold each others' hand and give each other kisses - real ones, on the lips. It is the CUTEST.THING.EVER. I must catch it on the camera soon. Makes my heart melt. And, I've said it once and I'll say it again: I love these two more and more every day!!



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