Monday, November 12, 2012

Falling behind on Thanks

Of course. Didn't I sort of think this would happen? I mean, I've tried many daily (or weekly) posts before and they've all fizzled. So, again, I play catchup.

12: Today I am thankful for our YMCA! It is so nice to know I can get a workout in and the kids are safe in the Kids Stuff having a fun time. Even if they cry a bit when I drop them off (a new thing in the past month), the staff calms them down and gets them engaged in activities!
Eating snack in the lobby. Their favorite part of the Y!

11: I am thankful that we have food on our table! I especially like this time of year where I do more baking and soup-making. Mmmm. Even on days or weeks or months like I've had lately where I worry about my weight and inevitablly eat too many cookies, I can look back and be thankful that we had enough to eat in the first place!

10: I am thankful for our church, Nativity Lutheran Church. Though there are many times we grumble about how far we have to drive to get there (up to NE Mpls, about 10-12 miles/20 minutes away), it is worth it. We love our pastors, love the message, and love the staff. We're lucky to have found a place where we fit in and feel good about attending. Just wish it was a bit closer!

9: I'm thankful for my Moms of Multiples group (MVMOM). There is absolutely no way I would have survived these 2 years without this group of supportive, wonderful ladies! (PS: Check out the web site above and see if you recognize anyone!)

8: I'm thankful for ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education), a program through school districts here in Minnesota that teaches kids AND families! I took a class last year which I loved! (And miss my friends from it!) And I'm in a different class for 12-24 month old kids now. It's great! I'm especially thankful that the school is only 2 blocks away, so all 3 of us can just walk right over!

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