Monday, November 5, 2012

30 days to 2 years!

Today the kids (notice how I've stopped calling them "the babies"??) turn 23 months old. That means we have just 30 days left of them being one year old! Caaaaa-Razy!

So, to celebrate and look back at their year of being One, I made a list of 23 things I love about One-Year-Olds. What a great way to look back at the last year. And while this *is* similar to the 22 Things I love about being a mom from last month, it's more specific to what I love about them at this age and how we spent the last year. It was a fun one!

In no particular order....
1. Toddler art projects
2. Running through the sprinklers

3. They learned body parts, starting with the basics like head and foot and now moving on to specifics like cheek and elbow and armpit!
4. They're beginning to know their extended family either from talking on the phone or seeing them at birthday parties or looking at photos
5. They make new friends
6. They love (LOVE!) certain characters from books (like, Maisy, Curious George, Knuffle Bunny and Elmo)
7. They talk! Sometimes too much, especially Ben. :)

8. They can remember the plots of stories and retell them to themselves or each other, particularly stories about the characters from #6
9. The many, many trips to the Zoo or Museum
10. How they run. So funny!
11. They can self-identify, even with their nicknames
12. First haircuts
13. They can start to sing songs, though the words are mixed up and hilarious

15. They (mostly) survive a road trip

16. Oh my - the love between this Sissy and Brobbo!

17. Kisses, oh the many sloppy kisses!
18. Naptime. I love naptime, even in the many forms it's taken this past year
19. Going to the park
20. Silly things they say or know, like the Mendota Bridge is the "airplane" bridge because you can see airplanes there. Or that they know what the bracket is on the railing. Or when they put their loveys on their heads and say "Nummy hat!" Or the way Hannie draws "tiny circles."

21. Bath Time
22. Toddler laughing, especially when playing tickle monster
23. How just darn cute they are!
Sneak Peek of our Holiday Mini Session with Heather Hanson!

In general, I am much calmer, happier, excited about their 2nd birthday coming up than I was last year for their first birthday. Seriously. Last year I was a wreck and sad about all the things about B&H as babies that were gone and I'd never get to experience again. THIS year, though, I am excited about all the fun things to come. Not that it's ever EASY to be a mom, but it is easier now than it was when they were tiny babies. I'm eager to see the things that will come in the next year - more learning, more self-sufficiency, more challenges, more fun. Maybe we'll start thinking about preschool. Maybe they'll get potty-trained. Maybe we'll go on a family vacation. Maybe!

I love looking back at the last year, but this birthday, I'm not weepy and crying over what has past. I am so excited about what is to come!

PS: For fun, you should look back at all our One Month Older posts from the past year. You can see the babies grow and grow!

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