Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bye-Bye Mullet

I've not hidden the fact that my son was sporting a mullet for the past 6 months or so. I'm even kind of proud of it. I loved his baby curls and long wispy hair. I loved to run my hand through the long part in the back while giving him hugs and I loved in photos when the mullet got wild and fly-away.

However, I know when too much is too much. Today Ben got his first haircut. It went .... okay.

There were some tears at first, mostly from Ben, but a few from me, too.

 Then he got really stoic and just sat there. He wasn't really watching Elmo. He wasn't really looking in the mirror. He wasn't really paying attention to what was happening with the haircutter. He just sat there.

In the end, though, he was happy. I mean, a sticker does that for ya, right? And he looks pretty darn good, even if he's mullet-free and will have to stay that way for the next 83.5 years. That's right: I hereby forbid Ben from having a mullet again until he's 85 years old!

Bye-Bye Mullet!

Lookin' pretty darn good.


  1. From the back, he now looks just like Will!

  2. Simon totally has a mullet. haha.

  3. Oh...we just did this, too. One of my little guys had the mullet-curls, also. (And also cried on my lap.) Luckily, he still has a little wave in the back. Handsome little guy you have there!