Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Golden Age of Toddlers

Today Ben & Hannah turn 21 months old. Long gone is what I like to refer to as the golden age of infanthood: 9 months old. I loved 9 months old. They were cute, they were alert, they were sleeping great. They sat still to take a picture (even if it came out silly like above). They were still definitely infants and not at all close to being kids. They cuddled. They loved. It was golden.

Now, before I get into a "oh, my  babies are growing up too fast, poor me!" state of mind, I've decided that 21 months might just be the golden age of toddlerhood. Here is what is good about being 21 months old:

- They speak in sentences! Ben can say 3-word sentences (my favorite being "Cookie at Target") and Hannah has got 2-word sentences down, mostly involving things being done or all gone. :)

- They (for the most part) take turns - even without reminders! For instance, we have a slide in the basement that 2 months ago was the bane of my existence. It gave way to 100s of tears every time we played on it because they didn't understand that someone else wanted to slide, too. Now? They take turns and say "Ben's turn" and "Hannie's turn" while waiting. It's so.very.sweet.

- They remember! Last night we had a babysitter and when I got B&H up this morning I asked them what they did with Maya while I was gone. They both said "Maya color!" and "Maya sprinkler!" I could tell just by looking around that they were right. The coloring supplies were out and the sprinkler was in the lawn. They remembered what they did the day before!

- They have true passions for things they love! Like trains. And babies. And kitties and doggies. And coloring. And airplanes. And Elmo. And Curious George. And the library. And the zoo. And Target.

- They have friends! There's no denying B&H like to play with other kids. When we see Z&K at the Y, it totally makes their day! And the days we we get together with our neighbor M and her mom, they are in heaven and talk about it for hours later. It's so great to see how social they are becoming! (It helps me, too, since I like to be social as well!)

- They are BIG KIDS! They sit at the table in boosters now. They walk with me in and out of stores, they Y, church, etc. They follow directions and listen. They understand when they are doing something they aren't. We started Time Out this month, mostly to manage dining behaviors. They understand when I say "We don't throw food at the table. If you throw food again, you will go to timeout. This is your only reminder." If they do it again, they go to time out and 90% of the time they don't do it again at that meal. Whew!

Life is good with these toddlers. We are excited for Fall and have enrolled in several activities to keep ourselves busy. We'll be doing an art class at the nearby community center on Mondays, storytime class with Teacher Sara at the Red Balloon, and ECFE on Thursdays. Plus our near-daily trips to the Y, we'll be set for fall. This Momma likes to be busy and her kids are the same way!

21 months! That's one-and-three-quarters-year old. So very close to 2. Holy Moly! My babies are growing up too fast! Poor me!!

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