Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Evenings

Since last summer, I've made it a point to get the kids out of the house after supper and before bedtime. I am convinced the fresh air is good for us all and helps them sleep. In 2010, our "outside" time was putting B&H in a stroller and going for a walk. That's when they were babies. Now they are toddlers. They don't wanna sit in a stroller, like, ever.

So, we have spent the summer walking (they walk) up and down the block, saying hi to neighbors, coloring with sidewalk chalk, going through the sprinkler, and just hanging around outside.

Tonight, both B&H said "backyard" - so out we went to play. They literally did this for 45 minutes.

Next time they say "backyard" I'm going to bring a book and a glass of lemonade with me!

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