Friday, September 21, 2012

Quote of the Day

Recently, I saw this book called My Quotable Kid at a few cute little stores around town. I very nearly bought it. I thought with the rate Ben & Hannah are learning new words and phrases, it would come in handy. But then I remembered the nearly-empty pregnancy journal I have and the barely-filled-in baby books for the kids. So, I didn't buy it.
 Instead, I'm going to take a cue from our neighbor Kati (who is Callie's mom, and Callie happens to be one of B&H's favorite people because she's such a big kid - she's 2.5!). Kati started documenting funny things Callie says on her blog, so I'm following suit! Introducing B&H's first Quote of the Day entry!

Lately, Ben has been really interested in pulling my shirt out and looking down it. Sometimes he even sticks his hands down my shirt. Once he was doing that and I said, "You don't need to touch mom's boobs."

To which Ben spent about 1/2 hour saying, "Momma has boobs. Momma has boobs." And when he said "Daddy has boobs" I corrected him. The QOTD then became, "Momma has boobs. Daddy no boobs."

Who knew I was teaching anatomy over here?!

No doubt saying something sassy at breakfast

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