Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Fare-thee-Well

Even though the kids are not in school {yet - I fear this day is coming faster than I am prepared for!} and I am not back teaching {yet - though I don't have plans to do so anytime soon} our family did bid a great big fare-thee-well to summer this past Labor Day weekend.

Here's the quick version. Long versions to come soon.

Friday, Aug. 31st, we visited the Minnesota State Fair!

Then on Saturday, we headed to the Minnesota Transportation Museum.

Sunday, we took a ride on the Light Rail and went downtown Minneapolis for the morning.

Monday, Labor Day, we stayed home and had a relaxing day. We went to Target, then ate lunch, then had Dairy Queen. It was a busy weekend and we had to wind down!

More details of these adventures to come soon! Happy back to school all!!

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