Tuesday, September 25, 2012

QOTD: Park edition

It was 77 degrees yesterday! What a welcome relief to the chilly beginning to fall we've had. We headed to the park in the afternoon to run off some energy.

Ben showed me a new trick: climbing up the slide! My months of redirecting have finally worn off; now he won't listen when I say "down the slide, up the back." I blame the older kids we saw at the park last week!

Anyway, Ben's Quote of the Day:

After climbing to the top of the slide, proudly:
"I did it!"

Silly boy.

I didn't quite catch the climbing on video, but I got close:

And, I'd like to declare a 2nd QOTD from the video. You have to listen carefully, but you can hear Ben say "Climbing backward."

Silly boy!

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