Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

Man, that procrastination gene is sure stronnnng lately. Not only is it NOT Friday, but I also missed last week's Phone Dump Friday. So - without much ado as to not dwell on this tardiness), here's a photo highlight of the last 2 weeks:

Beauty at Lake Harriet
Bath is always fun!
Our neighbor and friend Lucy loves
to play with B&H (esp. B)

We got to see Curious George at the MCM
Theme of the week: climbing.
(This on a railing at Lebanon Hills Park)

We got a potty chair.
Yes, his pants are on.
We're just getting used to it right now. 

Free Fro-Yo for Dad's Day
More climbing: coffee table.
Feeding Baby some cheese
More climbing: the tree house ladder!
Oh. My. Messy!

Please, someone tell me what to do with this girl's hair!! Yikes!

PS: Sorry for the weird layout. I was trying to line it all up nice and neat, but I'm tired and I don't wanna work on it anymore. Someday I'll figure Blogger out!

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  1. LOVE the crazy toy mess picture. That is SO our life!