Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sea Lions

Last weekend was a big one! B&H finished up their first session of swimming lessons at the Y. And while they didn't master the skills in their "Sea Lions" class (as a matter of fact, they need to repeat it...), they had fun and got used to being in water. Win!

"Yeah! I'm ready to go!
"Let us thru! We know the pool is in there!

Turns out Hannah excels at swimming more than Ben. She likes to float on her back and her tummy (with support of course) and can kick and scoop! She'll be swimming on her own before we know it! She also isn't very afraid to put her face in the water. So brave!

Ben excels at climbing out and jumping in. No surprise there. Every now and then one of us would surprise him when jumping in and put him all the way under. Oh my! That was never received well. He also excels at splashing, a skill he's been honing in the bathtub for well over a year.

The splashing begins!
 I think we'll take the rest of the summer off and revisit swimming lessons again in the fall. Maybe we'll get lots of practice at outdoor pools before then and they'll actually pass on to the next level. Can't have my kids held back for too long!


  1. Love the family swimming picture!

  2. So cute with all of you together in the pool. How fun is that!