Sunday, June 10, 2012

The vocabulary of a one-and-a-half year-old

Egads! They are officially closer to 2 years old than they are to 1 year old. Time, I'm begging you, SLOW DOWN!!! If possible, I think this second year is going faster than the first one. Sigh....

All of a sudden, the language is exploding around here! Because I am who I am, you'll notice the Words We Can Say page is in desperate need of updating. Would you expect anything less from me, really? So, let me list all the words they can say now! Both are saying mostly the same words. Ben seems to say them more unprompted, but Hannah says the words equally well.

B&H' Word List, as of 6/10/12
Bye (or Bye-Bye)
Hey (mostly Hannah says this one)
Nonna (Donna)
May-Me (Mary, our neighbor. Ben mostly says this, not Hannah)
May-Me (Amy, the nurse at our clinic. And yes, it's the same as Mary. And both kids say it).
Kadee (Callie, our other neighbor, also one of Ben's words)
Nanna (Hannah)
Dubbee (Debbie, our ECFE teacher)
Ji-jee (Sissy, aka Hannah)
Doc-oh (doctor)
Che-Cho (teacher)
Kitty (still comes out Giddy)
Taddee (Teddy, like a teddy bear)
Bah (ball)
Baa (bath, or Baa like the sheep sound)
Buh (bus)
Baby (very clearly Ba-bee now!)
Bub-oh (bubbles)
Bug-oh (buckle)
Gar (car)
Kuck (truck)
Choo-Choo (train)
Glock (clock)
Bobby (potty)
Kack (duck - obviously the sound of the duck)
Behr - Bird
Cog-oh (color, as in crayons or sidewalk chalk)
Num Num (any food)
Nanna (banana, not to be confused with Hannah)
Kack-oh (cracker)
Chee (cheese)
Choo (shoe)
Tinky (Stinky, which is feet to them - I call their feet stinky)
Poooo (like Pew! Stinky! Not poo like poo poo.)

What a list! I didn't realize it was so many until I started listing & video taping them. I will toot my own kid's horns here and tell you they learned Teacher, Debbie, Doctor and Amy in less than a day. It was our last day of ECFE this week and I wanted them to say "bye Teacher Debbie" - so very advanced since they don't speak in sentences yet. But they did in the course of one day say separately Teacher and Debbie. And they still say those words! Then yesterday at our 18-month doctor appointment, I wanted them to say Doctor and Amy (the nurse). They learned both over breakfast. So smart!

In case you need to hear for yourself, here's a short video of some of their words. Sorry you can REALLY hear me and only sort of hear them. And that Hannah's got a cup of milk in her mouth almost the entire time. :)

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  1. Amazing, they are both such talkers! If I ask Brandon to say _____ he looks me dead in the eye and shakes his head... Touche' Mr. baby... touche'

    Nice to see some cuties who want to talk to mommy!