Thursday, June 14, 2012

More for the Bucket List

You'll remember I started a Bucket List. I'm sad report I haven't completed anything on my list yet. But, I have thought of another 10 things to add to it!

11. Go in a hot air balloon.
12. Ride a horse.
13. Learn to drive a stick shift.
14. Go technology free for an entire weekend.
15. Learn how to take good photos on a real camera (i.e. a DSLR, and not my iPhone).
16. Publish a short story or essay in a magazine or journal.
17. Learn to sew (but only if I like it; I've tried in the past and haven't liked it).
18. Ride my bike around the Sioux Falls bike trail with my dad (and maybe the kids?)
19. Visit (more than the airport) all 50 states. (I think I'm at 28 now).
20. Meet someone famous. Doesn't really matter who. :)

I better get busy!!

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