Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Letter on B&H's 18-month Birthday

Dear Ben & Hannah,

Did I tell you today that I love you? I'm sure I did. I do every day. And if the words don't come out of my mouth, I hope the actions that I do show you how much I love you. You both are the lights of my life! I always knew I wanted to be a Mom.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be YOUR mom. What a privilege. I am so VERY lucky!

You amaze me! Today you are one and a half years old. I can't believe it for one second that you're growing up this fast. I wish I knew how to slow down time. It just isn't fair how fast the time is going and how much you are learning and growing and becoming such great people. Daddy and I were talking this weekend and we think this past month you both stopped looking like babies and started looking like kids. It's exciting, but also bittersweet. My little cherubs are gone and they are replaced with rambunctious little balls of energy that some days I can't keep up with! (You wear your Momma out!)

A couple of Newborns

A couple of 6-month-olds

A couple of one-year-olds
A couple of one-and-a-half-year-olds

This past month, your language has exploded! You add a new word every day or so, and many times with only a little bit of teaching. Just this week you added color (it comes out "cah-ger"), cookie, and "May-Me" (our neighbor Mary). Some days I think Ben knows more words and some days I think Hannah knows more words, but I think you're about even. Ben might say them more, but Hannah definitely knows them.

Ben, you continue to be my cuddler, my snuggler, my Momma's boy. Lately you give me kisses. Real ones, on the lips. I love it! You also will hug me for minutes at a time. Sometimes I have to sit down because you get too heavy when I'm standing and you're not done hugging me yet! You are also so busy. You recently learned to jump and kick and you're just about running. You love to climb! I think we're in for a busy summer, dude!

Hannah, you are Miss Independent! You're a thinker and a watcher. You observe the world around you and learn things so quickly. Of course, you continue to love your buckles (or as you say, "bug-oh") and you recently starting doing shape sorters and puzzles. Both will occupy your time for hours it seems! You're a girl who loves her Daddy, but there's a soft spot in your heart for Momma, too. I can see it from time to time. I like how you always know where I am and keep your eyes on me. Don't worry, I won't ever let you go too far. I'm always watching you back, too.

Do you know how lucky you are? Not all toddlers have cohort right there, a sidekick, a partner in crime, a compadre, a best friend built right in. You both LOVE to play together and it warms my heart. Some mornings I clean up the kitchen after lunch and you are out in the living room playing. All of a sudden I hear a loud giggle and giggle and giggle. It makes my day to hear you guys having fun together. I hope it always stays that way and you always know how luck you are!

I'm so proud of the things you can do and the new skills you are learning every day. You are such bright, thoughtful, loving kids. You will go far in life, I know it. I can't wait to watch you succeed and say with pride "That's my son!" and "That's my daughter!"

You are loved. Every day. All day. I hope you always know and feel that.

As I say to you every night before you go to sleep: "Love you so much. Love you so much. Love you so much. Not even a little. Just always a lot!"

With all my heart,
Your Momma

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  1. tears tracey...i have tears dropping and a drippy nose. ben and hannah you are lucky kiddos!